• Verification of volume capacity of tanker truck
  • Calibration of volume capacity of bulk storage tank
  • Verification for accuracy of a fuel pump dispenser
  • Verification for accuracy of weighbridge
  • Verification of trade scale using standard test weights

The Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade
and Industry (MCTI) established by the Weights and Measures Act no. 12 of 2003. The principle functions of the
ZWMA are to protect consumers in relation to pre-packaged commodities, approve the use of all types of weighing
and measuring instruments used in trade and verification for accuracy of the measuring instruments at prescribed


To become a regional centre of excellence in scientific, industrial and legal metrology


To be the provider of quality metrology services to research institutions, industry and the public in order to safeguard
fair trade, health, safety, environment and foster consumer protection for sustainable economic growth and development

Goals statement

To increase the scope and coverage of metrology services in order to safe guard consumer welfare, trading confidence
and scientific credibility

To enhance the institution’s capacity to accurately determine commodity production quantities in order to expand and
improve realizable national revenue collection


For confidence in measurements

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